Feb 06

Difference between Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Agile Methodology is a m methodologies for Quick development life cycle. There are Some basic step of Agile Methodologies. 1. Project initiation 2.Scrum Sprint Planning 3.Daily Scrum4.Print Retrospective 5. Demo 6. Deployment There are some Basic Difference between waterfall and … Continue reading

Feb 03

Differeces Between Scrum and Kanban

Scrum and Kanban are alomost similarĀ  but still used for different purposes.There are some Similarities between Kanban and Scrum and few differences as well. So lets make an analysis of both techniques today. There are some Differences between Kanban and … Continue reading

Oct 14

Project Management Tools and Platforms I have worked on.

Today I decided to put together all the project management portals and tools that I have worked with. Not necessarily a project manager only need to work with them but even if you are a team leader, project coordinator, software … Continue reading