About Me


Hi there!
My name is Dalip, I’m a programmer by profession, designer by ideas , blogger by passion, writer by occasion and an aspiring part time Entrepreneur.

I have been selling skills and knowledge for last 14 years and worked in various fields but associated with Information Technology and computers for last eight years.

I live in a very first planned city of India, Chandigarh. But soon will be moving back to mountains of Himalayas to operate from some Highly equipped technical cave to save the world by making websites.

Nowadays, I am in process of hunting down a blonde to get married and so called settled in life as soon as possible. Hence, you keeps your babes on backseats while dealing with me :-p { Kidding, have lots of respect for females }

I have created this website to put all the shit live that keep coming in my mind when i m free and I promise you wont go empty handed every time you ll come here.

So stay tuned and keep me posted what I should write about.

This is the place where i was born years back and the location will blow you out for sure.